Saturday, September 4, 2010

Un-cut Lizard...


The blurb of the books says something to the effect that a lizard plays villain in the Male leads life.... Ouch, this surely up-ed my expectations about the book.. i bought this book mainly because i had been following Amit for a long time and i liked his style... Sigh, i don't follow him anymore...Coming from an ace writer, i really had high expectations on the book... Guess that played spoil sport...

Story revolves around a  journalist Abir, who is looking out for a story to give him a break... that leads him to an on the spot encounter, which is later on reveled as a mishap... in comes a girl Muneeza a victim of the said fake-encounter... Abir takes part responsibility given his involvement in her father's death... What ensues is for you to read..

Seriously, apart from an occasional jib on the Indian police system there is nothing much about the book... even the romantic angle doesn't gel well given Abir's character and Muneeza's innocence. and Amit has gone overboard in promoting his blog through the page.. any instance where internet is mentioned in the book, you can expect the blog to be mentioned somewhere near by.. Amit, Really??

Rat's Rating: 1.5/5
Two Cents: I wouldn't recommend it.. It didn't make the cut needed.

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